This is an official announcement!

After (2) years of going by "Chima Daniel" I have made the decision to embrace the uniqueness of my first name and go by just "Chima" from here on out.

"Well, all of your music and social media is under 'Chima Daniel' why change it all now??"

You're right! While this is true, I've been slowly making the transition over the last few weeks to removing "Daniel" from my social media sites and even changed all of my handles to "@chimadofficial" ('chimaofficial" was sadly not available). We are working on changing my Facebook Page and also music sites, but those take a little more time. 

I feel very strongly about this decision and I am happy that the people closes to me have supported this decision as well. It will be a transition FOR SURE. But with the rapidly growing fan base I've been blessed with, it is far better to re-brand now then later. 

Although this is the OFFICIAL announcement, another announcement will be made during the release of my next Single, projected to drop in July. 

Huge thanks to all who were involved in the decision and to all of you for understanding and supporting this! I plan on using this re-brand as a catapult into more new music, more videos, more live shows, even merchandise! For those of you who have been apart of this ride from the beginning, THANK YOU for everything you did for Chima Daniel. I'm so excited to see what happens with "Chima"!


x Chima